Artists for Ukraine

100% of the funds will go to the Ukranian government.

we are creating a NFT collection of Georgian and international artists, in support of Ukraine! 100% of the funds will go to the Ukrainian government. The collection will randomly distribute NFTs to the minters, secondary sales also go to Ukraine.

Mint Price 0.05 eth

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How to Buy a Non Fungible Token (NFT) For Beginners

How the project works:

Over 200+ Georgian and international artists are participating in the project. The total collection size will be 5,000 NFTs. This means that artworks will be duplicated so we reach the total number of 5,000. 

Mint price for the collection will be 0.05 ETH + gas, which is around USD 150 + gas. 

Trust in web 3. 

Unfortunately, in today's NFT space there are a lot of projects that do not fulfill their promises. In order to guarantee and create a trustless system, we have decided to hardcode the public Ethereum address of the Ukrainian government in the contract. 

What does that mean?

This means that the team and owner of the smart contract will not have access to the funds. The funds will be automatically transferred to the address of the Ukrainian government. This transaction can be triggered by EVERYONE and ANY TIME. 

We will share every transaction made from the collection on our social media and website. 

The smart contract was tested and audited by a professional team. Once uploaded it will be accessible for the public. Feel free to check the smart contract yourself, to ensure everything is safe. 

Additionally, the organizing team behind the project is fully doxxed. You can find our information on the website. Feel free to reach out to us, if you have any questions.

Ukraine's Official Eth Address:


Our Smart Contract

Glory to ukraine

Georgia and Ukraine have been fighting the same war for generations. We do not want the Soviet Union back. The war in Ukraine is not a local conflict, nor is it the war of one country. Today Ukraine is fighting our fight too. We, the Georgian people, want to show our support not only by demonstrating against Putin's regime but also with our culture and art. At the same time raising funds for the suffering population. This is why we are here today. There is no financial profit for the team behind this effort, nor for all the artists participating in it. All sales from the mint, as well as from the secondary sales goes directly to the Ukrainian government and people.

Artists making this possible

Salome chimchiuri(kirke)
Ninabelle Tukha (Nino Tukhashvili)
Ketevan Magradze, Baiko Pirtskhalaishvili
salome durglishvili
lela kharauli
Konstantine Kitiashvili
Eleonora Tchania
lela chiaberashvili
Tamar Janiashvili
Irakli Nikolaishvili
Mari Babaevi
Tekla Razmadze
Liana Shengelaia
Ana kalichava
nino zakaraia
Ketevan Pasikashvili
Dea Gagnidze
Tamta Gogiashvili
Tornike Sanodze
Gerliani marekhi
Elizabeth Gvilava
Lika Zanguridze
Salome katsia
otarashvili elene
nia revazishvili
Deb Rey
nika diasamidze
Mariam Chagelishvili
Nene bakradze
Ana shafaqidze
mariam metreveli
Uta P. Bekaia
natia shanidze
Teodora Techie
Elena Lotus
Marina Yukish
Ana Elizbarashvili
Ani Giorgadze
zaza sulaberidze
Lika Shanidze
nugo svianadze
Ketevan kiwi
Mariam Patiashvili
Tornike Jvania
Mella Rosa
Daviti Khvedelidze
Tinatin Chilachava
Dimitri Khidasheli
Vakhtang meskhi
Giorgi Isakadze
Tinatin Egiashvili
Ketevan Kaishauri
Sophie labadze
eko gvazava
Giorgi Tsomaia
ia liparteliani
dachi gogichaishvili
George Gagniashvili
Tamta Arunashvili
Nika Madzgarashvili
Nino Eliashvili
Nino Giunashvili
Mariam Chaduneli
salome giorgadze
qeti qurtsikashvili
Mariam cholobargia
Loucas kafrouni
Tamar Chitadze
Tinatin Tsurkava
nino jijavadze
luka jeladze
nata iatashvili
raul matiashvili
ana gaprimdashvili
Ia Koroshinadze
Saba gulbiani
Mariam Andronikashvili
Liza Chkheidze
Nino Grdzelishvili
Giorgi Gogebashvili
Musya Qeburia
Eka eristavi
Salome Berianidze
tako siradze
Tazo Meipariani
Anna Chakhvadze
Lasha-Giorgi khergiani
Anna Chakhvadze
Jan Otari Gvelesiani
Ana agiashvili
Ninia Sabadze
Nino megeneishvili
Tsiko Shamrelashvili
dato kuknishvili
Qetato Sulaqvelidze
irinka datoshvili

we will be adding more artists along the way

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How else you can help Ukraine!

1. Donate! is considered to be a very well-trusted recipient.

2. Support public projects! There are countless initiatives taking place - people all across Ukraine as well as on the borders of neighboring countries are self-organising to defend their home and to support those in need of refuge. I am in constant contact with many people across the country; if you wish to do more than a regular donation - please reach out and I will point you to the right person / organisation / forum, depending on your wishes.

3. Make your voice heard! The World has already united in great support for Ukraine, but a lot more still can and should be done to save innocent lives, to stop Russian planes and missiles from bombing the cities and the people of Ukraine. More ways to help -

4. The funds are collected at a unified account in the National Bank of Ukraine, which has been created for the support of the Ukraine.


Pavle Mgeladze
Ladi Gabunia
Konstantine Tsaava
Giorgi Tushurashvili